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Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Jim Beaver and Misha Collins – Supernatural

Misha Collins: “We talked on the carpet.”
I’m a huge Supernatural freak.
Misha Collins: “You were there with your husband. He’s not here now. Hi husband!”
I’m so excited it got renewed for another season.
Misha Collins: “So are we.”
We were told all along it wasn’t going to, so was it a shock to you guys? Did you think that they were going to keep going?
Misha Collins: “Yeah, we did.”
Jim Beaver: “I did.”
Misha Collins: “We thought it was going to keep going.”
Jim Beaver: “I thought it was.”
Misha Collins: “We both thought it was so we weren’t shocked.”
That’s not fair because the fans were shocked.
Misha Collins: “Yeah, I know, but we don’t like to be fair.”
Jim Beaver: “And we don’t like to be shocked.”
Where are they going to take it next year? Can you say anything about where it’s going? Have they even told you?
Jim Beaver: “Yeah, we can say something.”
Misha Collins: “All right.”
Jim Beaver: “Oh, you want us to? Okay, it’s kind of like we just finished World War II and now we’ve got to clean up because we were raised to clean up after ourselves. And that’s kind of…there’s going to be a lot of clean up and there’s going to be a lot of aftermath. You don’t have something like an apocalypse almost happen and everything just go utterly back to normal. So it’s going to head toward normal, but it’s not going to be normal.”
Misha Collins: “And the balance of power between heaven and hell, it’s sort of like…they likened it to post-Soviet Russia where the power elites from the Soviet Union sort of went for this power grab after the Soviet Union collapsed. It was kind of anarchy, but there’s still big players involved. And there’s a lot of resources that they’re trying to capture, and that’s sort of like the conflict that’s going on between heaven and hell, and caught in between is all of… I’m just going to keep going; I’m just going to keep rolling right through it. So caught in between this…” Misha Collins: “That’s a war of extension that would have happened…I don’t know.”
Jim Beaver: “Can you tell this guy used to work in the White House?”
Misha Collins: “Damn, derailed again! I thought I was going to make it.”
[Jensen Ackles stops by to kiss his cast mates]
Misha Collins: “Hey handsome, how are you doing?”
Jensen Ackles: “Hi, there’s a party inside.”
Misha Collins: “Damn him.”
And he interrupted your whole long monologue thing you had going.
Misha Collins: “Well it’s already been interrupted already by my fellow cast mate here. The point is there’s a struggle going on between heaven and hell that’s not like the apocalypse but earth is still caught in the middle. And Sam and Dean are going to get wrapped into that, and monsters are a huge part…”
Wait, you just said Sam and Dean are going to get…
Misha Collins: “Not Sam and Dean. It’s not Sam and Dean.”
Jim Beaver: “It’s not. It’s not the Sam and Dean you’re thinking of.”
Misha Collins: “It’s not. Let’s just put it this way, things are not – that’s what the teaser should be – things are not what they seem. Just leave it at that.”
But wait, are they ever what they seem on Supernatural?
Jim Beaver: “They’re even less what they seem.”
Misha Collins: “They’re less what they seem than ever before and that incredibly obfuscating, weird post-Soviet Russia thing that I said was so utterly confusing and without any real meaning that I think it was the perfect teaser.”
It was entertaining.
Misha Collins: “Perfect teaser. But things are not what they seem.”

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