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TV Supernatural star Misha Collins starts campaign to buy lawmakers’ internet history

Supernatural‘s Misha Collins has (temporarily) put down his angel blade to fight another battle, and this one’s happening in real life. After Congress voted to do away with online privacy protections, Collins took to GoFundMe to turn the tables on those in power.

Collins writes on his GoFundMe page: “Congress recently voted to strip Americans of their privacy rights by voting for SJR34, a resolution that allows Internet Service Providers to collect, and sell your sensitive data without your consent or knowledge. Since Congress has made our privacy a commodity, let’s band together to buy THEIR privacy. This GoFundMe will pay to purchase the data of Donald Trump and every Congressperson who voted for SJR34 and to make it publicly available.”

Collins adds that they will not share information that will impact the safety and security of families, but other details are, as he puts it, “fair game.” The campaign currently has a goal of $500 million, and in the event that they’re unable to raise enough money to buy the data, Collins says the proceeds will go to the ACLU.

“Game on, Congress,” he writes.

See Collins’ Twitter post promoting the GoFundMe campaign above.

Source –> EW.Com

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06 March 2017. Misha Collins Facebook
My family says I am “unintelligible.” But you can still understand me, right? (Whomever invented this game is both genius and perverse)

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23 March 2017. Misha Collins Snapchat (Mad World by 13y o Mackenzie Tatananni)

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(21 March 2017) Misha Collins Snapchat Poem by Matt Baker

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