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Hello, I added the captures of the Timeless episode where Misha Collins appears.

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Timeless: Misha Collins teases Untouchables episode, pitches crossover with Supernatural

Castiel would surely approve of Eliot Ness, Misha Collins’ guest role on Timeless. In Monday night’s penultimate episode, called “Public Enemy No. 1,” the Supernatural star hops over to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke’s freshman adventure drama to play the man who brought down notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone and chronicled his life of law enforcement in the autobiography The Untouchables.
When the Time Team’s own Public Enemy No. 1 Flynn (Goran Visnjic) lands in 1931 Chicago to ask for help from Capone, Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt (Matt Lanter), and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) will approach Ness in hopes of stopping both notorious villains. Below, Collins discusses switching from playing an angel to playing a lauded lawman.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So you worked with Eric again for this. How did he approach you about hopping over to his new show for an episode?
MISHA COLLINS: He reached out by saying, “Hey, any interest in coming on to Timeless to play Eliot Ness?” And I said something like, “Send me the scripts!” But the truth is I would do anything for Eric Kripke, and I will say that until I meet my demise. I hope that after this turn as Eliot Ness, I haven’t poisoned the well and that he will call on me in the future, and if you publish this, and if you’re reading this, Eric, consider this groveling for future possible employment.

I doubt you poisoned the well. How familiar were you with Eliot Ness’s story and this era of mobsters? You went to the University of Chicago — did you pick up an appreciation for the Untouchables when you were there?
Yeah, I think as a graduate of Chicago, there’s something in the water there a little bit, but I’m not sure where I picked up on mobster history. I’ve been well aware of it for a long time. It’s just a fascinating part of American history and one I know a little bit about.

What did you do to research the role? Did you watch The Untouchables?
Well, I started where all good researchers start, which is Wikipedia. [Laughs] I discovered pretty quickly that there’s not a lot of footage or audio of Eliot Ness, so there wasn’t a ton to go on of actual primary source material. Kevin Costner’s portrayal I looked at briefly and then quickly determined that whatever he was doing I didn’t want to do. [Laughs] And then I just picked up some stuff and tried to piece something together. I tried to make him a little bit more of a badass, maybe. The real Eliot Ness is a bit more refined. Whatever. [Laughs] It’s television!
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Misha Collins Previews His Timeless Trip as Eliot Ness — Plus: Watch the Fed Critique the Time Team’s Clothes

Once upon a time, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke gave life to the angel Castiel.
Now the Timeless co-creator has enlisted the man behind the wings, actor Misha Collins, to bring Untouchables leader Eliot Ness to life on his NBC drama.

When Flynn calls in a favor from Al Capone in 1931 Chicago, good guys Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus seek out the famed lawman who brought the gangster down — but will they clue Ness into what’s really going on?

TVLine invited Collins to share how the reunion came to be, and to preview his role in Monday’s time-trippy episode (airing at 10/9c).

TVLINE | How did this guest spot come about? Who approached who?
Eric sent me an email, saying, “Are you busy?” I said, “As a matter of fact, I think it might just work out.” I had an episode where I was light on Supernatural, and it looked like it was possible that I could negotiate doing two at the same time. And it’s helpful that Timeless, along with every other show being shot these days, shoots in Vancouver. It wasn’t too challenging of a drive from one set to the other. In fact, the studios are as close to adjacent as they get in Vancouver. They’re like a mile apart.
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Misha Collins will play Eliot Ness on ep 15 of  Timeless.
Here is an overview

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Jason Cecchini & I are keeping the 1930’s safe on Ep. 15 of @NBCTimeless. (I’m Eliot Ness.)Thanks for inviting me, @therealKripke! #Timeless

I worried the cast of @NBCTimeless might treat me as an Untouchable,but they gave me a warm reception.Thanks, guys. #Timeless @therealkripke