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Whatever the future may bring, it’s critical that we remember to utilize and defend our civil liberties. Organizations like the ACLU are fighting for our civil rights every day. (In case you don’t remember what those rights are, I’ve provided this handy video reference below.)
If you donate any amount to support the Love-a-thon (donatetolove.com) fundraiser in the next few hours, in appreciation for your support one random donor will receive a surprise thing from me. You don’t know what it is- and as of this writing, neither do I. Because we’re equals. (See what I did there?)
But I can tell you that, just like having civil liberties and freedom, whatever it is, it’ll be pretty dope.
Go donate, homies. Thanks.

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We’re livestreaming the #SPNJax Saturday Night Special concert with Louden Swain to support Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua. Buy your tickets here: http://bit.ly/NicaraguaSNS

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Here is an overview

SCREEN CAPTURES > 2011. Adam Olszewski (TV Guide)
SCREEN CAPTURES > 2012. TV Guide Magazine @Comic Con
SCREEN CAPTURES > 2013. TV Guide Magazine @Comic Con
SCREEN CAPTURES > 2014. TV Guide Magazine @Comic Con

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Misha on Facebook:

Here’s a challenge/experiment for you: I am going to read to you from two different books. One is a book of poetry (book “A”) by a famous poet, the other is a collection of short stories (book “B”) written by my 4-year-old nephew. I will alternate one page of Pulitzer Prize winning poetry and one page of 4-year-old’s writing. You have to guess which is which. I also don’t know which is which, so this is a double-blind experiment.

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Supernatural 12×09 Season 12 Episode 9 Promo – Check out the promo for Supernatural Season 12 Episode 9 airing Thursday January 26th on The CW – moving to 8pm! Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Supernatural season 12 promos in HD!

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Aloha! Anyone want to come to Hawaii with Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, me and the rest of the #Supernatural cast? We are giving away a free trip… http://bit.ly/2hGqa88

(2 Round-trip flights, 2 Convention Gold passes, 4 nights hotel, A Luau dinner, and photos with me and the boys.)

Anyone who participates in the Love campaign is entered to win. http://bit.ly/trio_mi

I’m packing my bikini, my spit-roasting equipment, suntan lotion, metal detector and depilatory cream. What will go in your luggage?

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