Diamonds Cabaret Louisville

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The Pinot's Palette - St. Ok, it's a bias, but it reminds me of cheers without all the lights. If you want to do something illegal, you are not welcome here. The drinks where mediocre at best. You have to check out the live bands on the weekends When I showed them my coupon they simple said that they had so many coupons out that they couldn t keep them straight and I would have to choose, even though the coupon clearly states it is BOTH. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your shopping collection!

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So PD and I headed to the private area. She chose a booth in the back - took that as a good sign. I confirmed we'd start on the next song. As we waited, we chatted. The song started, she doffed her top. Not a fan of man-mades, but hers were okay. Some pectoral stretch marks betrayed the fact that they'd been installed some time ago.

Still, felt better than most bolt-ons and I enjoyed them thoroughly. As the second song started, I confirmed it was just number two, and remarked that at least the songs were nice and long. Towards the middle of the second song, she asked what I liked. I encouraged her to rub my bare thighs under my loose shorts.

She said I should have told her sooner, but she didn't ask. Lesson learned, I guess. By the end of the song, she'd grazed Mr. Happy a couple of times and, at the end, gave several good, solid OTP strokes. Where was that the rest of the time?? If we can pick up where we left off next time, I'll be back to see you. I'll be back to see PD someday.

And, maybe, to try to get ahold of Bitchy Barkeep's rack if possible. Still hadn't seen any kitty. This was my first visit to Diamonds during the evening hours, I have always had a good time with their day shift. I had heard that they had a lot of new, young, hot dancers and I wanted to check them out so I got there around midnight on a Saturday.

I only saw a couple of girls hanging out while I was there, however I will say that there were two that I found attractive but they were busy with other customers. I didn't connect with any of the other girls so I thought I would just enjoy my beer and watch a little stage dancing to reevaluate the other dancers. However during the hour that I was there I only saw one girl take the stage.

I am used to that during the day shifts but I expected more on a Saturday night.

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While I did enjoy the one dancer and there were some attractive girls there I went home a little disappointed in the evening. I guess we all need to keep in mind that the clubs on 7th street are always a little bit of hit or miss.

One last thing to note is that the current web site link with this page is incorrect. It actually sent me to the Diamonds Cabaret page in Centerville, Ohio. The other details seem accurate. I've been working in Kentucky since the beginning of June. Came to Diamonds for the first time on Saturday the 4th with a couple of friends. There was a mix of good and bad things about the club.

The club was a lot smaller than what I expected with only one stage. There were also not many customers in the club which made for a quieter environment than what I was hoping for. This probably had something to do with the fact that there were only a handful of girls working that night. That was also a little disappointing considering that it was a Saturday night. Mixed drink prices were a little bit on the high side and more than that, they could use some new glassware.

A couple of the glasses, while not cracked, definitely were chipped on the edges. Also, a few of the girls were dancing in flip flops, which really looked out of place and looked a little trashy. The dancers, overall, were easy to look at. There was a variety of sizes to appeal to all tastes. There was one that I will not name, but I was not impressed by her habit of going to the customers and asking if we were going to tip her for her turn on stage.

She also took advantage of a friend after he had a little too much to drink. I'm not sure how much he gave her, but she pressured him non stop to get money out of the ATM. A fool and his money I spent time with an attractive girl with the stage name of Farrah. She sat and chatted with me for bit and didn't once try to pressure me for anything.

She explained why there isn't really any stripping going on at the strip clubs in Louisville. She did eventually ask if I'd be interested in a three song dance set, so I said "sure". It was a little pricey, but well worth it. If I do return, it would be to see her again. As I said, there were other good looking girls there, but the flip flops are not too appealing and the no nudity law in Louisville really puts a damper on the overall environment of the club.

Diamonds has both come up in the world and gone downhill, in my estimation. At the moment, the good outweighs the bad, but only just. The two female bartenders are outright cunts. If you aren't buying within 15 seconds or so, she'll just flat out tell the dancer to move on.

Even if you're the only one in the place. The night shift one, Alex, is only marginally better. I think she'd be worse than the day one if she wasn't stoned or wasted or whatever most of the time. She also has told girls to move on, and she's not nice about it. At least she's not usually as bitchy to the customers as the other one. Jimmy, the apparent owner, is or was married to one of them; I don't know which.

On the plus side, the girls tend to be attractive and don't mind a little stage side contact. There are exceptions to both attractiveness and tolerance, so be aware. As well, a number of them have been known to use a variety of drugs, so if that's not your thing, pay attention to arms, legs and eyes.

Dance prices are pretty standard for Louisville, though I've never actually gotten a single dance here, so I don't know about those. It's behind a partition and relatively private. There's a 20 minute thing in there somewhere too. These happen in the curtained off "VIP" room towards the back, as you go to the restrooms. It has a nice big couch thing in it, and it's private enough.

If you can keep away from the bar until you're ready to pay, it's pretty decent. Can you handle Dick Fitswell? Bowling Green Strip Clubs. T opless Hours of operation: Number of Dancers per shift: No food Drink Specials: Topless Hours of operation: B ikini Hours of operation: Sun closed Number of Dancers per shift: Nude Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 11am to 1am, closed Sunday Number of Dancers per shift: Check the web site below Number of Dancers per shift: Juice Bar Book Features: No Food Drink Specials: Paradise City Club Carribean.

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This business was removed from the food collection. We started with the Beer Che…. Nothing unusual so far. I drive from the East End …. She was the best looking woman in the place. But I tipped her and the ask about the whereabouts of the strippers considering that I'm in a strip club. Everyone knows your name.

Diamonds Cabaret:

Mixed drink prices were a little bit on the high side and more than that, they could use some new glassware. Napa River Diamonds cabaret louisville is an independent and locally owned restaurant that offers a variety of seafood, pasta, steaks and salads. A lot of my questions were answered with "some of the girls do that," to which I replied "what about you? I went to Diamonds on a Saturday after for drinks with a fellow enthusiasts. New owners, great food. The band did there best to make everyone have a good time. A little pricey for me.

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T opless Hours of operation: The Blue Sake has always been their signature drink and it does the job, this is my personal favorite. Coldest you can imagine-beer too! Bars Steak Houses Barbecue Restaurants.

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