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Tantric Salon Schedule an evening workshop with Jan at your own private residence. Typical two-call and some texting. The Spiritual Value of Emotions". You can sign up by emailing your full name and phone number to: You will find me ever elegant, always graceful, warm, and generous of heart. TBA Time:

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This is based on demand, my travel, conventions, ballgames, holidays etc. There are several ways to get in touch with me. New Clients: Especially best to call, for a same day appointment. If I am unable to take your call, please leave a detailed voicemail. Also, indicate if its ok to call you back, or not! Both of these emails will get to me: Simply scroll down to the next section to see my calendar for available days and corresponding locations.

Be sure to look at the calendar, as it is updated daily and reflects my most accurate availability. When you contact me via email or through my secure screening form, your information is encrypted and safe as I use Protonmail which is based in Switzerland. By contacting me with the intent to work with me, you hereby understand and agree that ….

Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment and entertainment is simply for time and educational purposes. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner.

This is not an offer of prostitution and no fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I deem necessary. Legal Notice: My Training …. With decades of experience in the sensual and erotic arts, I take great pride and honor in my work, the art, and its craft!

I pride myself in being evolved in my practice especially of the Tantric Text, Human sexuality, Anatomy and physiology, the nervous system and its relation to sensual energy. What is Sexological Bodywork? As a Sexological Bodyworker, I am trained in breathwork, genital anatomy, masturbation coaching, sensual and erotic massage and scar tissue remediation.

I am an educator and a healer. Why Sexological Bodywork is beneficial: What is Somatics? The benefits of Somatic bodywork: Vizag, India. Sympathetic Nervous System and the role it plays in our sensual sensations during the buildup to, as well as the moment of orgasm. Gifts and gratuities at your discretion, but never expected.

Please ensure that your gifts are concealed in a discreet bag, so as to not draw any extra attention to the space. Regarding Scheduling: Filling out the booking intake form is the most efficient and preferred method of initial contact and screening.

Screening and discretion are paramount. My work, your information, and our time together are always a private experience, and any information is held in the highest regard of discretion. Similarly, your honesty, discretion and understanding are greatly appreciated, and will always be rewarded. The safer I feel with you, the more comfortable and connected our sessions will be.

Emails, text and phone communication: As always, please be discreet when communicating via phone, text, or email.

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Details and specifics of session will not be discussed via text or over the phone. If you have questions, but feel that it is not appropriate to ask in this way, please send the questions via a clear and detailed email. I will do my best to respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Arriving to my space: Specific instructions will be given for you to follow via text message or email once a date and time have been chosen for our meeting. You will receive the cross streets, nearest to the space. You are to then to park your car and send a text message, or call and leave a voicemail stating that you have arrived.

When I am ready for you, I will respond with the details on how to get to the front door. It is never appropriate to stand outside the front of the building. Either wait in your car, or across the street, until you have received the green light to enter the space. If you cannot find the space, please walk across the street and give me a call, and I will direct you from there.

As my practice is out of a home studio, being discreet around neighbors is a very much appreciated. Including dinner dates, outings, and travel. What is required of you: Sincerity and an open mind. Respect, manners and good hygiene are always appreciated. I appreciate humor, intelligence, and gentlemanly manners.

Please do not arrive early or ask to come earlier than the time we agreed upon, unless it is with enough time for me to adjust my schedule schedule changes the day before will be accomodated when possible. That way, we can maintain our privacy and discretion. Impeccable hygiene is desired. I request that my clients do not wear strong cologne. However, if you wish to leave me a tasteful review, it would be much appreciated.

Please contact me first and or send me feedback or a testimonial via email. What Clients Are Saying: Natalia is a super nice, real person". I was new to all of it and she was very easy to talk to and provided a great introduction to Tantra! Her knowledge is endless and very personable.

It felt very comfortable and non-transactional. Would recommend! I finally got my chance to meet her yesterday in Chicago, while she was visiting. After many attempts to book a last minute appointment, I scheduled a week in advance because our schedules had finally synced up. While the pictures on her site are very sexy, I loved her look in person even more.

She's exotic, yet refined- totally my type. She was definitely worth the wait and I will book with her again. This experience was far better than I expected. I had an amazing time with Natalia. Easy to set up a session thru email. Typical two-call and some texting. I had no problem finding her safe and secure space.

Worth the visit!! Guys, when in Chi-town Natalia is your friendly confine! Very easy to set up a meeting via email. Easy two-call texting day of, no problem finding her. She is a sexy, passionate woman who lives what she does and has amazing skills. Can't wait until she's back in Chicago. She is a real woman in her early 40s - not 18 and made of plastic - and she takes care of herself and it shows.

I will be dressed in breathtaking lingerie, while giving your muscles and body the attention and relief they need. I use high-quality massage oils and lotions only. Concord, California, United States. Photo Gallery. Divine Serenity. Look no further Serenity C. T, your magical cure today. Would you like to schedule an Ipsalu Tantra Level 1 course in your area?

Please contact Jan to find out how you can become a sponsor and bring this powerful tantra worksho p to your community. Finally the time has come How would that change your life? How much happier would you be? In this special evening workshop learn 5 practical ways to enjoy more of each of those benefits in your life - RIGHT AWAY - with simple yet powerful tantric techniques to get you started.

It's the perfect taste of tantra - from a true expert - and it's free! I want to support you as fully as I can in getting started on your own path of sensual, embodied spirituality. Singles, couples, all sexual orientations welcome! Classes are held in a safe, sacred, loving environment.

No nudity or explicit sexual activity. You may, however, learn about sacred sexual techniques you can practice at home. Jan is wonderful at raising it! I experienced no sense of competition or 'better than,' rather a happy awe at where everyone is. Your Phone. Pre-Registration Required: Please email jan tantricjoy.

Please email Jan jan tantricjoy. FireBreath Orgasm". Thursday, February 17 Time: Register in advance by emailing your full name and phone number to: They will help you learn a powerful method to generating and containing more sexual energy in your body! Increased sexual energy allows more orgasmic energy to move through you by removing blocks and transmuting sexual energy into higher, blissful vibrations!

In this fiery Tantra Workshop learn: This is a clothes-on solo practice; no partner needed. Join us for this sensational tantric breath and energy practice! You can sign up by emailing your full name and phone number to: Level 1 Testimonials: It was a mind-blowing experience that I have thought about everyday since it ended.

This is a safe place to begin a process of self-discovery. Jan is a great guide. I feel such a profound sense of personal freedom and I don't think I've ever been this close to living up to my full potential before. I finally feel as through I'm getting to know who I am at a very deep level. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Jan, I really want to thank you. I'm eternally grateful for your Loving presence, your intuition, and your ability to create a safe, sacred space for healing to happen. What rare and beautiful qualities these are. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this magical process, twice! Jan, you are amazing, inspiring, radiant. Ipsalu has offered a way to change my universe.

I crave more and more experiences with you and the other beautiful people of Ipsalu. As an experienced seeker, I am delighted to have received these powerful new tools. The Ipsalu Daily Practice is a true gift of energy transformation and enlightenment! Thank you. As a facilitator, Jan Robinson imbues her insights and experience with such clarity and playfulness that participants can relax into, embrace, and enjoy the process of transformation.

She is a beautiful being who lives authentically and powerfully. Surrendering to Enlightenment. I have a sense of the payoff. Jan made talking about sexuality so normal and easy.

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This is a great way to begin to embody tantric practices. Comments 6 Amazon Works Hard to Keep Secrets Under its agreement with UC Berkeley, the online giant can seek to block the release of public records or redact parts of them. Photo Gallery. What is Somatics? I personally believe the cocktail for creating an emotionally healthy and successful life is maintaining 1 your balance, 2 gratitude for your blessings and 3 openness to new beginnings. The "What Is Tantra? After many attempts to book a last minute appointment, I scheduled a week in advance because our schedules had finally synced up. This slow sensual experience is spent surfing the waves of pleasure.

Bay Area Sensual Massage:

Contacted her and set up an appointment to see her. As the most well-known celebrity practitioner of tantra, the ancient yoga practice that combines sexual energy with spirit, he must find this easy. Either way, I will create a Bondassage session that best suits your needs. As you shed your tension, you drift into a level of profound relaxation.

It is the difference between teaching yourself Bikram yoga at home by putting in a videotape and pumping up the thermostat and taking a class where an experienced teacher can guide you and correct your posture in a sacred space. Bath Ritual: Try again. Full text.

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