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Level 2: You may feel heat coming from the practitioners hands. Each attunement is given one at a time, with usually 6 months of space in between attunements. It is administered by laying of the hands. You have a physical body, and an energy field that surrounds your body.

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Evidence Based Treatments Reiki is a well researched treatment. Is the master attunement. Tingling sensations, coolness, and warmth are also common! Brittany has been a lifesaver. This is the attunement that is given to people who are wanting to work on others and charge money for their reiki treatments. Simply click the link to our alternative medicine directory sign up page where you can review the benefits of listing your practice here.

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Privacy Policy OK. Discover an easier way to get found by more people who are actively searching for you online. I could even walk up right without having to hold on to furniture for support. I love reiki so much that I studied and became a Master Healer! You can review past alternative medicine articles by clicking the link, or use the search tool on right hand side or bottom of the site for specific article topics. Naturopath Dr.

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